Sunday, February 27, 2011

Minty Love

I wanted to try out something different with my green polishes. This is Chinaglaze Muse topped with Nina Ultra Mermaid. I love the opacity of Muse but I don't care much for metallic finish. I like how Mermaid calmed the metallic effect but didn't alter the color too much. Muse is absolutely fabulous for stamping but it shows any tiny ridge of the nail if use as an all over color. To help with that I applied my regular base coat (Orly Bonder) then a thicker one to fill in the ridges. 

I stamped it with Revlon Minted. The glitter gradient was done with Chinaglaze Missltoe Kisses. I usually use a thin clear coat the spread out the gradient. This time I used Loreal top coat. It is absolute crap. It was cloudy and it took a LOOOOONG time to dry.

I think I would have like this manicure better if I had used white for the stamping and done better with the gradient.

Love and nail polish to you!

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