Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Pan Project: Going Well

I have been doing awesome 
on my 10 Pan Project!

I went to Ross and successfully resisted some nail polish. It was a set of 6 Revlon nail polishes for $4.99. That was REALLY hard. But, I DID IT!!

I've been avoiding the beauty aisle as much as possible. 

I have also resisted going to Sally's Beauty Supply. Considering that the Tron nail polish collection is out right now, that is freaking awesome. They are a collection of beautiful holo nail polishes. sigh. I hope I don't completely miss out on those.

But, I think I'm kind of cheating. Before I started my Ten Pan Project I ordered a few things online. I received one of the orders in the mail 3 days ago. It does include some eyeshadow and some fauxnad plates.I also placed an order when Zoya was giving away 3 nail polishes back in January. I received the nail polishes earlier this week as well. So, technically I have gotten some new things even though I haven't finished the 10 makeup items.

Also, I realized that one of the mascaras is crap and that's why I haven't been using it. SO that one is going in the trash. But I started with 11 so it's still fair. 

I've been doing more smokey eyes so that I can use up the  Urban Decay eyeliner. I've been using the blush and mascara everyday. I need to use the eyeshadows more. That's just a lot more work in the morning before work.

So all in all, I think I'm doing pretty good.


  1. I fail at Smokey eyes =-/ got any tips?


  2. It's easy! Apply a creamy black liner pretty think on your lash line. Smudge it upwards. Apply your color of choice up to the crease. Blend. Apply lots of mascara. Here is a great simple tutorial.