Friday, June 24, 2011

Urban Decay Loose Pigment Review & Swatches

These pigments are absolutely gorgeous. beautiful colors and they apply beautifully.

My only complaint is the packaging. It It has a built in brush which would seem helpful but it's really not. It just catches the product and makes a mess as you open it. I will definitely be pressing these.

All swatches are one swipe using the attached brush with the exception of goddess. I got carried away  with that one. :O)

Goddess is much more beautiful than the pic shows. It is black with blue, gold and maybe some green and silver glitter.

Protest is a nice dark green. 

I was amazed when I swatched smog. It's a beautiful taupey bronze. 

X surprised me. I was not expecting it to be so beautiful It a gold from one angle then peach from another. Very nice color.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Hunks

I got two Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lip glosses today from Haute Look. They are tooo fun!

I already had a sample size of Timothy and I love it and for $5, why not!?!?

The guy on the top changes from fully clothed to scantily clad in his underwear. I love it.

Only thing I the only one who doesn't think a man in his underwear with a baby is sexy????

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Milani Blushes

Milani Blushes

These are the Milani blushes I recently purchased. I must say I like them all. They are all peachy but each one has it's own special quality and unique color. All are baked blushes with the exception of Luminous.

Luminous is more of a satin finish and is more shiny that the others. It's light peach with gold shine to it. Not glittery shimmer but a glowy gold. Very beautiful

Luminoso is slightly pinker than Luminous and not as shiny.

Coralina is a bright peach with multicolor shimmer running through it. This one has the most visible shimmer. It certainly is not subtle.

Rose D'Oro is my favorite. When I first got it I didn't even open it because I didn't think I would like it. It looks to dark and more mauvey than peach. But when I swatched it angels sang. AAAAHHHHH!! It's and intense peach with pink shimmer. Not glittery like Coralina. It is absolutely gorgeous.

They all apply beautifully and wear very well. They don't fade quickly and stay true to color.

What do you think of Milani's baked blushes?
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Milani Mini Haul

I absolutely love all of my Milani makeup!!
I recently picked up some things from when they were running a 20% off sale. 

I purchased two of the Liquifye pencils in silver and teal. I already had the black one and it is absolutely fabulous! 

I also got two of the Lip Flash pencils in flash light and flashy. 

I had been looking for a peachy blush and I couldn't decide which one I like the most so I got luminous and 3 of the baked blushes Luminoso, Rose D'Oro and Coralina. I LOVE them all! 

I also got two of the HD Advanced Lip Colors in Intrepid and Romantic Rose. So far they are just ok. Nothing too impressive. 
Swatches coming soon.

I love everything I have from Milani. Do you have any of the new Milani products?

Depotted WNW Eyeshadows

I absolutely love having all of my WNW shadows in one place.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


-Sonia Kashuk Smoke & Mirrors for the pointer finger & ring finger french tip

-Wet N WIld Bijou Blue for the thumb, middle finger french tip, pinkie and konad design in the the pointer finger and middle finger (with a tiny bit of white mixed in)

-Finger Paints glitter in Oh My Stars on ring finger and pinkie.

-Nicole by OPI glitter in Such a Go Glitter on the thumb, middle finger and pinkie.

-Wet N Wild French White Creme for konad design on ring finger and pinkie.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pretty Pastels

I'm SOOOOO ready for spring!

I started with a basecoat of Wet N Wild French White Creme.

Thumb-Essie Sagharbor
Pointer- Revlon Pink Chiffon
Middle- Sally Hansen Wet Cement
Ring- Revlon Minted
Pinkie- Chinaglaze Light As Air

Then I had to Konad it. :O)

Please pardon the tip wear. 
This photo was taken on day 4.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Minty Love

I wanted to try out something different with my green polishes. This is Chinaglaze Muse topped with Nina Ultra Mermaid. I love the opacity of Muse but I don't care much for metallic finish. I like how Mermaid calmed the metallic effect but didn't alter the color too much. Muse is absolutely fabulous for stamping but it shows any tiny ridge of the nail if use as an all over color. To help with that I applied my regular base coat (Orly Bonder) then a thicker one to fill in the ridges. 

I stamped it with Revlon Minted. The glitter gradient was done with Chinaglaze Missltoe Kisses. I usually use a thin clear coat the spread out the gradient. This time I used Loreal top coat. It is absolute crap. It was cloudy and it took a LOOOOONG time to dry.

I think I would have like this manicure better if I had used white for the stamping and done better with the gradient.

Love and nail polish to you!

Friday, February 25, 2011


I tried but alas, I did not succeed. The clearance items got me once again.

I was shopping in Target today, picking up some things for my home. I was on my way to the checkout when a red clearance sticker caught my eye. It was a Milani nail polish. It was over. 

98 cents!?!??!
I can't not buy that! 

Another one?!?!

It was all downhill from there. 

I tried. I really did. 

I didn't even look in the beauty sections when I went shopping. I did check out the Victoria's Secret makeup when I was at the mall with my sister. But that was pretty blah.

I did learn from this experience though.  

-I didn't buy EVERYTHING that 
was on clearance thinking that 
someone else might want it. 
That's an improvement.

-It helped me to assess my makeup 
and nail polish collection and get 
everything organized.

-I have been using things in different 
ways trying to use them up and 
learning in the process.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I have my doubts....

I'm starting to have doubts about this Ten Pan Project. I'm starting to realize that there are valid reasons that I don't use certain products anymore.

1. I don't like the product.
2. I like the product so much that I use it sparingly so that I never run out.
    Am I the only one who does this???

I have been quite panicky about not being able to purchase some new things. Namely the Chinaglaze crackle polishes and the Milani glitters. 

If you, like me, missed out on the beautiful Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure you can also understand how some special polishes can be very hard to find if you don't grab them up when they come out.

For all of the polish I have no two are the same and I have never worn the same manicure twice. I do actually use all of the nail polishes I have.

Sooooo.....I'm not sure I'm going to make it....

Monday, February 7, 2011

Holo Hearts

This is my attempt at Valentine's nail art. This is my first attempt at some free hand nail art. I usually stick with konad. Outlining the hearts was harder than I expected. I need to practice some basic free hand shapes.

I used Zoya Erika as the base.
I stamped the hearts with Claire's Fire. It stamps identical to hot pink special konad polish :)
I used Orly Luxe and Claire's Goldmine for the holo hearts
and outlined them with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in White On.

A close up of the holo goodness.
And the outlining fail :(

Maybe I'll get a magnifying glass to help me with the nail art.

Any tips???

Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Pan Project: Going Well

I have been doing awesome 
on my 10 Pan Project!

I went to Ross and successfully resisted some nail polish. It was a set of 6 Revlon nail polishes for $4.99. That was REALLY hard. But, I DID IT!!

I've been avoiding the beauty aisle as much as possible. 

I have also resisted going to Sally's Beauty Supply. Considering that the Tron nail polish collection is out right now, that is freaking awesome. They are a collection of beautiful holo nail polishes. sigh. I hope I don't completely miss out on those.

But, I think I'm kind of cheating. Before I started my Ten Pan Project I ordered a few things online. I received one of the orders in the mail 3 days ago. It does include some eyeshadow and some fauxnad plates.I also placed an order when Zoya was giving away 3 nail polishes back in January. I received the nail polishes earlier this week as well. So, technically I have gotten some new things even though I haven't finished the 10 makeup items.

Also, I realized that one of the mascaras is crap and that's why I haven't been using it. SO that one is going in the trash. But I started with 11 so it's still fair. 

I've been doing more smokey eyes so that I can use up the  Urban Decay eyeliner. I've been using the blush and mascara everyday. I need to use the eyeshadows more. That's just a lot more work in the morning before work.

So all in all, I think I'm doing pretty good.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is what I have to use up for my Ten Pan project:
- 2 Avon lipglazes
-1 Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss
-1 Revlon blush 
-3 Estee Lauder eyeshadows
-1 Urban Decay eyeliner
-1 Prestige liquid eyeliner
-1 Maybelline Collosal Volume Express mascara 
-1 Covergirl Lash Blast mascara

Well dang! I can't count. That's 11.

Oh well. I'll do 11 then.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Pan Project

It all started last week when I decided to stop by CVS.

I was looking for a concealer I had gotten the week before on clearance. Revlon Age Defying concealer. I had been searching for a good concealer for a while and I fell in love with this one. Well, they didn't have anymore BUT      they had some new things on clearance. I ended up buying some lip glosses, nail polishes, eyeliners and lipsticks. Some of which were colors that I don't really wear. As soon as I walked out I felt guilty. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?

I tried to justify my splurge by going through my products and swatching them. Thinking that if they were really great then I shouldn't feel guilty. Well, that didn't work.

I got home and lined up all of the nail polishes. They were so beautiful. 
Sitting there.
Clearance stickers beaming up at me. 
Just look! Isn't it wonderful? 

(I have clear pictures but this one makes them look ethereal.)
I know, it's pathetic. 

DAYS LATER- I decided to finally get a wall rack for my polishes. They are all just piled in a drawer in my bathroom. It's hard to see what I have and I've run out of room.

3 DAYS LATER-My polish rack arrives!!!! Happy Happy! Joy Joy!
I unwrap it...ohhh so nice. It's so beautiful. An acrylic rack I can mount on the wall that will hold 90 polishes. wow (sigh)

I decide I'm going to wait to mount it on the wall and for now I'll make a place for it on a shelf in my bathroom. Well, I had to move stuff off of the shelf. That stuff just happens to be guilt inducing beauty items I've bought in the past that haven't been used. Man. I feel sick. I start putting all of my polishes on the rack.
Surely they'll all fit. 
Umm. Well, I guess I can leave off the Claire's polishes....and maybe the Loreal ones too. 
Oh man. I have way too many polishes. 

Maybe if I turn them sideways more will fit...that's still........a lot left. Let me just count. 2..4..6..14..26...38.....44.......56.....68..goodness.....80.....98....101. Man. That's a lot of nail polish. 
And I still have a lot in the drawer. What's this?? oh no. This doesn't even count the ones from CVS?!?! 
Oh no. 
Panic. I have way too much stuff. 

But look!! They are all different! It's not like I have 10 red polishes or anything. psh!

ANYWAYS- Thus begins my 10 pan project.
If you are not familiar with this concept, I will choose ten beauty items that need to be used up. I can not buy any other beauty items until ALL 10 items are used up.We'll see how this goes. I'll choose my ten items tomorrow and post some pictures. 

Wish me luck!