Friday, February 25, 2011


I tried but alas, I did not succeed. The clearance items got me once again.

I was shopping in Target today, picking up some things for my home. I was on my way to the checkout when a red clearance sticker caught my eye. It was a Milani nail polish. It was over. 

98 cents!?!??!
I can't not buy that! 

Another one?!?!

It was all downhill from there. 

I tried. I really did. 

I didn't even look in the beauty sections when I went shopping. I did check out the Victoria's Secret makeup when I was at the mall with my sister. But that was pretty blah.

I did learn from this experience though.  

-I didn't buy EVERYTHING that 
was on clearance thinking that 
someone else might want it. 
That's an improvement.

-It helped me to assess my makeup 
and nail polish collection and get 
everything organized.

-I have been using things in different 
ways trying to use them up and 
learning in the process.

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