Sunday, June 12, 2011

Milani Blushes

Milani Blushes

These are the Milani blushes I recently purchased. I must say I like them all. They are all peachy but each one has it's own special quality and unique color. All are baked blushes with the exception of Luminous.

Luminous is more of a satin finish and is more shiny that the others. It's light peach with gold shine to it. Not glittery shimmer but a glowy gold. Very beautiful

Luminoso is slightly pinker than Luminous and not as shiny.

Coralina is a bright peach with multicolor shimmer running through it. This one has the most visible shimmer. It certainly is not subtle.

Rose D'Oro is my favorite. When I first got it I didn't even open it because I didn't think I would like it. It looks to dark and more mauvey than peach. But when I swatched it angels sang. AAAAHHHHH!! It's and intense peach with pink shimmer. Not glittery like Coralina. It is absolutely gorgeous.

They all apply beautifully and wear very well. They don't fade quickly and stay true to color.

What do you think of Milani's baked blushes?
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